The SERAS 2023

Call for Entry

The doors are open for this year’s The SERAS Africa CSR/Sustainability Awards 2023. Noteworthily, this edition would be the 17th- since the first edition that held in 2007. Yes, indeed, we have begun the countdown toward our 20th anniversary that would make us the second longest running sustainability awards platform in the world, and of course- Africa’s oldest and most successful business awards platform. Entries open on 31st July and would close on October 20th. This time, we have provided a longer time span for organizations to complete the submission process.

About The SERAS

The SERAS is Africa’s gold-standard recognition in Sustainability. What are you waiting for? It is again that time of the year to get all your ground breaking work in front of our judges. Organisations such as yours are doing so much work to make the world better. Every year, we come across thoughtful interventions impactfully delivered that would easily make the top collection of the very bast practices in the world. Let us help turn on global focus on your work, organization and brand!

The SERAS represents something so much more this year. We shall be showcasing our top 5 organisations and their star interventions at the UN General Assembly side event in September 2024. Our awards have a panel of 9 expert judges from around the world with a rich background in ESG that follow a rigorous, independent process that recognises real ambition and impact.

Entry Procedure

How to enter in 3 steps (See entry categories and criteria here)

  1. Commence your entry by filling the registration form below. You will receive a password that enables you to log re-log in, continue from where you last stopped as long as you saved your work. It also provides you a link that allows you to share your submission with your team so that you can collaborate on your entry together.
  2. Fill the relevant sections providing required information. And the select the award categories your organization is applying for (each entry permits you to apply for 5 award categories. If you wish to enter for more than 5, you would require an extra application).
  3. 3.Make your payments. Once we receive your entry fee, you will receive an online link in a confirmation email to confirm that you have completed your application your submission has been finalized.